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Relo E-Drive Upgrade Fits Almost Every Bicycle

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NURNBERG, Germany – Relo offers an electric assist drive kit that fits an almost every type of bicycles, thanks to flexible connection between the motor/battery modules and transmission.

Relo E-Drive Upgrade Fits Almost Every Bicycle
Recommended retail price for Relo kit is comparable with price of complete e-bike: € 2,200. – Photo Grega Stopar

Motor and battery are completely separated, but positioned so that they can be mounted easily. Only the drivetrain is an integrated part of the bicycle. The Relo kit comes together with a 250W motor, which can be mounted on the bottom bracket. When mounting the left crank must be moved out by 2 cm; but that’s the only adjustment of the drivetrain that needs to be done.

No outside cables

The Relo comes with an adapter for the crank. The quality and robustness of the Relo system are impressive and there are no outside cables. The modules with the 100Wh, 32.4V battery and motor can be taken off easily, which makes recharging very easy. The total weight of both modules is two kilograms, while the whole systems weights 3.7 kilograms.

Price comparable to complete e-bike

The recommended retail price of the basic version of the kit is comparable with the price of a complete e-bike: € 2,200. The controller for the system is based in a display mounted on the handlebar or MyRelo app. The Relo kit offers offers three drive modes and pedal assistance to up to 25 km/h.

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