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NuVinci Improves Local Support in Europe

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ZWOLLE, the Netherlands – NuVinci Cycling announced the further expansion of its support and service level in Europe. Effective immediately Ofelec AG will coordinate the service and support for NuVinci Optimized bicycles and e-bikes sold in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

NuVinci Improves Local Support in Europe
NuVinci appointed a new service partner in Switzerland and two Dealer Development Representatives in Germany. – Photo NuVinci

Both OEM’s and dealers will be able to obtain support in their own language from Ofelec for NuVinci Optimized bicycles and e-bikes. The support will includes both detailed technical assistance and the capability of ordering components or replacement parts in small quantities. Ofelec will handle the preliminary inspection and shipment of returned parts to NuVinci Cycling in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Little maintenance

“I am very pleased to cooperate with such a capable and responsive company as Ofelec in Switzerland for our local support capabilities,” said Michael Schrijnder, NuVinci Cycling’s recently hired Director, Service and Support. “While NuVinci Optimized bicycles and e-bikes typically require little, if any, maintenance, any downtime can be a major inconvenience, particularly for those who depend on their bikes for transportation. That is why we feel it is important to enhance nearby support capabilities.”

In Germany NuVinci recently appointed two Dealer Development Representatives to offer Partnership Participation to shops and assist them in implementing test ride programs. NuVinci has currently 69 partner dealers in Germany and wants to grow this number to 120 shops. The partner program in Germany is similar to the Benelux program.

Ongoing commitment

“The addition of support for dealers and OEMs in Switzerland and Lichtenstein through Ofelec combined with the expansion of the successful NuVinci Cycling Test and Service Program to Germany,” said David Hancock, Fallbrook’s Executive Vice President, Cycling Division, “is part of our ongoing commitment to help our OEMs provide effective regional support to their customers. We are establishing a network that makes the extraordinary benefits of NuVinci Optimized cycling available in multiple countries, regions and languages.”

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