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Bicycle Sales Slowing Down in Germany

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BERLIN, Germany – A growing number of Germans embraces the bicycle as a mean of transport like never before. In the past two years this reflected by growing sales figures. However this trend was not continued between January and June this year as sales and production volumes were down on last year figures.

Bicycle Sales Slowing Down in Germany
Rise of e-bikes and e-MTBs on German market continues within dropping total bicycle sales. – Photo Bike Europe

According to the German industry organization ZIV, who presented the market statistics just before the opening of Eurobike, “the production of bicycles and e-bikes in the first half of 2016 was just below 2015 with an estimated volume of 1.6 million units.” For the first six months of 2015 ZIV reported a production volume of 1.66 million.

Consumer sales

On bicycle and e-bike sales the industry association estimated that the sell-out to consumers dropped by approximately 5 to 8% to 2.7 million units between January and June 2016 compared with last year. Also the import of bicycles and e-bikes declined by 1.4% from 2.02 million between January and June 2015 to 1.99 million this year.

E-bike sales increases

The rise of the e-bike on the German market still continues. The ZIV reports a sales increase of nearly 5% this year from 535,000 units in 2015 to 560.000 this year. “The growing importance of e-MTBs shows that the e-bike riders are getting younger and younger while the acceptance among younger people is improving.”

The export of bicycle and e-bike showed less positive results and the volume decline by 6.8% to 640.000 units in the first half of 2016. The e-bike represents 21% of the export volume. The industry association ZIV attributes this decline to poor weather conditions on key market

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