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Bimp’Air Expands Market with Distributor

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HERAULT, France – Centrale Pneumatiques Accessoires (CPA) will start the distribution of the innovative bicycle pump called the Bimp’Air which was developed by Production Functional Factory (PFF).

Bimp’Air Expands Market with Distributor
Bimp’Air is a system of high-pressure compressed air, miniaturized, rechargeable and reusable. – Photo Bimp’Air

CPA, distributor of major two-wheelers tyre brands, will market the Bimp’Air in France, Spain and Portugal only. So far the pump has been for sale at a limited number of retailers who ordered directly at PFF.

More than a pump

The Bimp’Air is more than a pump, it is air compressing system, portable and rechargeable, for inflating of tyres, forks and shock absorbers. The system is constantly recharged by the energy produced when cycling.

Fast and efficient inflation system

Marcello Aghilone had the ingenious idea three years ago to create a complete, fast and efficient inflation system drawing on the energy produced by the cyclist to create the air needed for his. The idea came up because he was tired of pumping up by hand the eight wheels of the family’s bikes before getting a ride each week

Tired of pumping

This original idea was the basis for the development of the Bimp’Air: a new system of high-pressure compressed air, miniaturized, rechargeable and reusable. It comes in the form of a high pressure (50 bar) capsule which contain 11 liters of compressed air. This allows inflating tires, adjusting forks and shock absorbers and installs tubeless in few seconds.

Bimp’Air comes in two versions

The system consists of a capsule, a miniaturized compressor and an energy convertor or a power base for recharging. The Bimp’Air comes in two versions. The Origin offers a recharge through dynamo on the bike mounted on the front wheel. According to Bimp’Air only 6 minutes of pedaling at 15 km/h are sufficient to fill the capsule.

The E-Way is equipped with a power base: this one works on a cigarette lighter socket to charge the capsule within few minutes, or externally with an adapter. It has a load indicator and will shut off automatically once the capsule charged.

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