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EU Bike Market 2015: Production Up, Sales Stable

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – For the second consecutive year the production of bicycles in Europe increased substantially. In 2015 the total output of bicycle manufacturers in the EU-28 including e-bikes, was 13,149,000 units, up 10.14% from 2014. This was reported by the European industry confederation CONEBI.

EU Bike Market 2015: Production Up, Sales Stable
In 2015 some 13,149,000 bicycles and e-bikes were produced in EU-28, up 10.14% from 2014. – Photo Bike Europe

The 2015 EU-28 CONEBI industry and market profile in particular indicates that the Polish industry performed very well in 2015. The country nearly doubled its production from 991,000 units in 2014 to 1,904,000 in 2015. Nevertheless, Italy is still the largest bicycles manufacturing country in Europe although it lost more than 14% of its output in 2015 related to 2014. Also Europe’s second biggest producing country, Germany saw its output increase by 2.1% from 2.14 million units in 2014 to 2.19 million last year.

E-bike import surged

The rising popularity of e-bikes on several European markets is reflected in the import statistics published by CONEBI. All three major e-bike exporting countries, China, Vietnam and Taiwan increased their volumes totalling 646,450 units, up 61,9% compared with 2014. The export of regular bicycles of the 13 leading countries to the EU-28 was down 2.4% to 6,683,324 units.

Imbalance between production and sales

The major increase in production and import is not on par with the minor growth in sales. According to the CONEBI report, the joint sales on the EU-28 market increased by 2.02% only to 20,751,000 units. This imbalance has resulted in growing inventories on the EU-28 markets and will affect forecasts for future model years.

Romania grows production of parts and accessories

The production of parts and accessories showed a major shift within the EU-28 top-3 ranking. Italy is still leading with an output of 474 million euro, but Germany lost its second position to Romania. Although the value of the German production increased by 4.2% to 298 million euro, the output of the Romanian industry hiked by 80 million euro or 36.4% to 300 million euro.

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