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Rainlegs Introduces Reflective Version

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WEESP, the Netherlands – At Eurobike 2016 ‘The Most Awarded Raintrousers’ launches a new model; the Rainlegs Reflective.

Rainlegs Introduces Reflective Version
Rainlegs are now also available in a reflective version. – Photo Rainlegs

During raining weather conditions the view is often moderate and bikers are not always easy to see. Unfortunately this leads too often to accidents which could have been prevented.

Reflective and waterproof

The new Rainlegs Reflective are made of a high quality reflective and waterproof material which shines brightly with a minimum of light. This enhances the visibility and so the safety of the biker and prevents unnecessary accidents.

Just like the innovative Rainlegs have proven, also the reflective version will keep your legs comfortably warm and dry.

Rainlegs Reflective is available up from September.

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