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Sigma Sport Redesigns Topline Computers

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NEUSTADT, Germany – Bigger, slimmer, and with plenty of new features: 2016 sees the launch of newly designed Topline bike computers from Sigma Sport. In line with the series’ new look, the computers have been equipped with additional functions and optimized accessories.

Sigma Sport Redesigns Topline Computers
The BC 23.16 combines all the best features found in the Topline 2016 range. – Photo Sigma Sport

One of the highlights is instantly visible: a large display with minimal housing. The three-line display is far bigger than previous models and is vertically oriented for enhanced display options and improved legibility. The modern design goes perfectly with its intuitive operating concept. The buttons are purposely placed with ease of use in mind, and further support the new menu navigation.

New brackets

The computers also come with several other innovations: the brackets follow the new design concept and are more narrow. New click-bracket spoke magnets can be attached and removed easily without tools.  The new STS speed and cadence transmitters feature a pivoting base enabling them to be precisely aligned with the magnets for optimum wireless transmission on every fork or chain stay.

Recreational models

The three recreational models in the Topline 2016 series are easy to use thanks to the single button operation. The wired BC 5.16 is a compact five-function device that is simple and intuitive to use. The basic cycling functions are clearly visualized in the form of icons. The BC 7.16 and BC 9.16 are available in both wired and wireless ATS versions. They include upgraded features like a full text display and a programmable service interval timer. The seven functions of the BC 7.16 include average speed and total trip time.

Sport line

The three sporty models in the Topline 2016 series are available with the digitally-encoded Sigma Transmission System (STS). The BC 14.16 and BC 16.16 models are also available in a wired version. The new partial dot matrix display allows for the use of pictures, which can be seen in the setting menu, heart rate or altitude graphs, and in the customizable sleep screens.

The BC 23.16 combines all the best features found in the Topline 2016 range. It is a genuine data collector and can log any number of rides with a cumulative time of up to 500 hours. In addition to the numerous altitude functions, it calculates power (watts) and has a lap counter, with detailed lap analysis. It is only available as a wireless model and comes with the STS speed, cadence, and heart rate transmitters.


NFC (Near Field Communication) makes it possible to directly connect the BC 14.16, BC 16.16, and BC 23.16 models with an android smartphone using the free SIGMA LINK app.

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