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Stan’s NoTubes Rolls Out Custom Wheelset Program

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BIG FLATS, USA – Consumers can now design on-line their own mountain bike wheels to their specifications, then Stan’s NoTubes builds them at its New York factory.

Stan’s NoTubes Rolls Out Custom Wheelset Program
Consumers can design on-line and order directly. – Photo Stan’s NoTubes

“People start by choosing the best rim for your riding style and tire size, add your choice of hub and spoke then dial in the look with your choice of nipple and rim decal colors,” explains said Chris Currie, Creative Director at Stan’s NoTubes.

Wide, low profile design

The new custom wheelsets feature the Stan’s NoTubes Mark 3 (MK3) series of rims launched in April. Crest, Arch and Flow MK3 rims are made of a durable 6069 aluminum alloy and have a wide, low profile design that has excellent lateral stiffness and maximizes tire stability without distorting a tire’s shape.

Patented Bead Socket Technology

The MK3 rims rely on Stan’s patented Bead Socket Technology (BST), the tubeless rim shape trusted by riders and racers around the world for easy tubeless setup and maintenance.

Wheels look awesome

“What’s great about the custom wheel builder program is that our customers get to optimize both performance AND style,” said Currie. “Our site offers details on all the options to help people decide what works best for them. They get all the technical benefits of our latest MK3 wheels, and the wheels look awesome because you can coordinate colors.”

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