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Velo Integrates 3M Reflective Technology Into Bar Tape

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Velo Saddles introduces a new reflective bar tape. Utilizing patented technology developed in-house at Velo, the company has been able to bond 3M reflective materials to the tape without any detriment to hand feel or durability.

Velo Integrates 3M Reflective Technology Into Bar Tape
Velo’s reflective bar tape. – Photo Velo

The black tape is discrete in daylight, but reflects instantly when light source hits the tape. For evening rides and long commutes, the Velo reflective tape is a much appreciated safety feature that increases visibility of the bike and rider from the front and sides.

Far beyond industry standards

The tapes uses Velo’s acclaimed microfiber or anti slip material on the gripping surface, and gel-backed interface with the bar to ensure a secure installation. The tapes are tested to withstand 13 kg of stretching tension – far beyond the industry standard. This ensures the tapes are easy to install, and stay still once they’re on the bars.

Numerous patents

Velo’s signature gel-backed handlebar tape technology has been awarded numerous patents internationally for performance gains that will be instantly recognizable to Velo customers. There are two advantages to using a gel backing on handlebar tape: one, it is naturally vibration damping. It increases comfort and reduces fatigue for the rider. Two, it replaces the traditional adhesive strip, and provides sufficient grip to hold the handlebar tape in place while also allowing easy removal and replacement with no glue residue left behind on the handlebars.

According to Velo; “the reflective bar tape come with absolutely no downsides. The increased visibility can be gained with no obvious change in the look or feel of the tape in daylight.”

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