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Vittoria Lowers and Aligns Pricing for 2017 Globally

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MADONE, Italy – Vittoria is lowering its prices for 2017. With the release of the company’s new price list the company says it is, “Reducing already competitive pricing across the range of tyres. Simultaneously, Vittoria is aligning its pricing globally for consistency.”

Vittoria Lowers and Aligns Pricing for 2017 Globally
Vittoria wants its prices to be on par anywhere in the world. – Photo Bike Europe

Vittoria’s new price strategy which is to make sure that prices  are on the same level all around the world looks to be triggered by growing Internet sales. And in particular the price cuts offered by webshops that are putting pressure on the brand’s distribution channels.

‘Key instrument’

Vittoria COO Willem Campagne says on the new price strategy, “A global pricing approach is a key instrument to protect both the independent bicycle dealers and the consumers with the right value for Vittoria products. By aligning the prices at these new levels, Vittoria creates a unified and global standard. This approach protects and supports our bicycle retail partners worldwide, as it reduces the room for price fluctuations significantly.”

‘Putting firm stake in the ground’

For an explanation on why Vittoria as a leading high-end bicycle tyre manufacturer is lowering its prices with double digit percentages depending on specific models, the company states, “In the current challenging market, brands commonly raise their distributor and/or dealer pricing to compensate for reduced demand. Vittoria in contrast caters to the wishes of consumers worldwide by reducing prices. This ensures continued demand as well as stability of Vittoria product sales for all our distribution partners globally. Vittoria is putting a firm stake in the ground, taking a progressive approach to offer incentives to stabilize pricing, thus maintaining the global value of products in the market.”

Competitiveness across markets

René Timmermans, Vittoria’s CEO EMEA, furthers with, “Vittoria is known for its innovative and high-quality performance products. By lowering and aligning the pricing, Vittoria can consistently ensure both the product value for its price as well as its competitiveness across all markets. This is a win for the distributor, independent bicycle dealer and the consumer alike.”

New pricing program

On the 2017 prices the company also says, “The pricing correction sets a new Vittoria standard which offers benefits to everyone in the value chain, while providing a sustainable model for Vittoria’s global future.”

Vittoria Industries Ltd

Vittoria Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle tyres with an annual production of approximately 7 million tyres and 900,000 high performance tubulars and cotton tyres. The group holding company, Vittoria Industries Ltd, carries out manufacturing and R&D at its fully owned Lion Tyres Thailand Ltd factory in Bangkok.

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