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Kryptonite Launches New Foldable Series

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CANTON, USA – Kryptonite, a brand of Allegion and producer of high-quality chains, cables, u-locks and flexible security systems for the bicycle market, launches the company’s first foldable security solutions at Eurobike (A4-200C).

Kryptonite Launches New Foldable Series
Kryptonite’s new foldable series is available throughout Europe from mid-August. – Photo Kryptonite

The new Foldable Series will be available throughout Europe by mid-August. The Foldable Series, which includes the Keeper 695 and Keeper 810 Fold offer a fresh new perspective on foldable security providing 3-dimensional flexibility through a unique link system. This increased flexibility allows for more stress free lock-ups for riders while the hardened steel links system easily folds in on itself allowing for safe, no-hassle transportation on the bike.

Combining flexible security and ease of transport

“It is crucial for our customers that we provide products in our range that combine flexible security and ease of transport,” said Nick Watkin, Kryptonite GM. “We are pleased to now provide our dealers and their customers with a unique perspective on foldable security that complements our existing portfolio.” The Keeper 695 Fold is 95cm in length and includes 6mm hardened steel chain links. The Keeper 810 Fold is 100cm in length and includes 8mm hardened steel chain links.

Protecting chain links from scratching frame

The steel chain links for both products are covered in high quality neoprene webbing which protects the chain links from scratching the bike frame. Both products also include the convenient carrier system which easily affixes to a bike frame allowing for easy transport on the bike. Foldable Series products include the Key Safe Program and Lifetime Limited Warranty. More at

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