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Bosch and Govecs Partner in E-Scooter Development

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COLOGNE, Germany – The motorcycle show Intermot, which is taking place till October 9 in Cologne, is the international platform for Govecs to present their new scooter brand Schwalbe. The most important feature is the 45 km/h electric drivetrain developed in cooperation with Bosch.

Bosch and Govecs Partner in E-Scooter Development
Bosch was Govecs technology partner to develop the electric drivetrain for e-scooter. – Photo Bike Europe

The Munich-based company Govecs has given the Schwalbe a new life as the brand as the model dates back to the sixties and was produced in former Eastern Germany. Together with technology partner Bosch, Govecs has specified an advanced electric drivetrain making the Schwalbe a clean and quiet form of urban transport. Fully charged, it provides a range of more than 100 km, and can already be reserved online.

Bosch electric drivetrain

The 2016 version comes with the typical features of a Schwalbe: large tyres, the ribbed tail section, the round headlights and the indicator lights on the handlebars. But most important is the electric drivetrain which is, according to Govecs, “extremely dynamic and provides an impressive acceleration”. Though developed in cooperation with Govecs the Bosch e-scooter drivetrain will be available in the near future for other OEMs as well.

The Schwalbe can be charged through any normal household plug. In just one to two hours the battery is 80% charged, and after four to five hours it’s fully charged again.

Distribution on-line and off-line

Initially, the Schwalbe can be bought through the official online store. Reservations for the first deliveries in summer 2017 can now be made online at In early 2017 the first Schwalbe Store in Berlin will open, followed by others in various European cities. Govecs is primarily targeting markets in Germany, Holland, Austria and France and is open to discuss options with distributors.

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