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Danish Cargobike Company Partners with DHL

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Small danish bike maker Larry vs Harry has partnered with DHL. The Danish company had developed a cargo e-bike with theft-proof box that makes it particularly suitable for pacels transport in urban areas. DHL is introducing the Danish cargo bike at its distribution centers in Asia after a successful pilot project in several European countries.

Danish Cargobike Company Partners with DHL
Bullitt electric cargobikes can carry about 100kg. – Photo larryvsharry

”We are excited to work with such a big partner like DHL, because it makes us visible worldwide. It is also underlines that our cargo bikes help to reduce congestion in cities,” says Hans Fogh, owner of Larry vs Harry that produces the Bullitt-Cargo Bike.

New breed of premium electric cargobikes

The Asian market has a tradition for cargo bicycles and together with the increased economic growth there is  a huge potential for a new breed of premium electric cargobikes. Larry vs Harry was founded eight years ago and has six employees at its workshop in Copenhagen, where the bikes are assembled.

In Netherlands and Germany

Currently about 75 Bullitt carbobikes with the DHL logo are in use primarily in the Netherlands and Germany. The cooperation between DHL and Larry vs Harry is related to the trend across Europe where companies in cities increasingly have begun replacing cars with bicycles. The European Cyclists’ Federation, ECF, estimates that about 50 percent of the light freight delivered in urban areas can be moved to cargo bikes.

Freight carrying performance

”Bullitt cargobikes can carry about 100 kg and we are able to deliver in areas that were previously difficult to reach by car. We are very satisfied with their performance,” said Arne Dance, Project Manager, DHL, the Netherlands.

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