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Decathlon’s Strategy Switch to Outlets in City Centers

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VILLENEUVE D’ASCQ, France – The world’s biggest retailer in sporting goods as well as bicycles looks to be switching to a new strategy. After opening many, many superstores in as many countries – total store count stands currently at close to 1,100 in 30 countries – Decathlon is now targeting the set-up of smaller scaled outlets in particular in city centers.

Decathlon’s Strategy Switch to Outlets in City Centers
After opening many superstores in many countries Decathlon is now targeting set-up of smaller scaled outlets in city centers. - Photo Decathlon

Decathlon’s new strategy became clear with the opening of the company’s 9th store in the Netherlands. This new location fits the store profile of the new strategy as it is located in the city center of Eindhoven and has a limited total floorspace of 1,000 square meters.

Compared to other Dutch Decathlon stores the new one in Eindhoven is small. For instance Decathlon superstore in nearby Best has a total floorspace of 5,200 square meters. Here the sporting goods retailer offers all products for 65 different sports. The much smaller store in nearby Eindhoven offers a less wide product range. However, according to Decathlon, instore touchscreens offer possibilities to see and order the complete range. The online ordered products can subsequently be delivered through the store or at the consumer home address.

More city center outlets

According to Decathlon’s expansion manager Rohan Uijlings the sporting goods retailer is looking for city center stores that offer an uninterrupted floor space up to some 1,500 square meters in the three biggest cities of the Netherlands; Amsterdam, the Hague and Utrecht.

Also in Belgium

A likewise strategy is Decathlon rolling out in Belgium. Herman Van Beveren of Decathlon Belgium says, “After opening larger stores at a number of strategic locations, the next phase is now starting.” And that next phase is with smaller scaled city center stores that undoubtedly will bring big competition to IBDs.

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