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V-Light Increases Visibility of E-Bikes

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HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands – Koga, Accell’s premium brand, is introducing ’V-Light’ whichn is a nedw lighting technology specifically targeted for e-bike use. It is significantly increasing the visibility of e-bikes as the V-Light technology brings 2 bright laserbeams which are projected on the toad.

V-Light Increases Visibility of E-Bikes
Two laserbeams are at the bike’s rear end projected on the road. – Photo Koga

These two laserbeams are at the rear end of the e-bike projected on the road. Surveys have indicated that traffic behind the e-bike are able to estimate the distance to the biker and its V-Light 2.4 times better. Next to the fact that the light surface is bigger also the fact that there are two light beams makes that V-Light equipped e-bikes are better visible.

Safety-zone around the bike

The colour, shape en width of the projected ’V’ is tuned to create an optimal safety-zone around the bike. The used lasers are low on energy-consumption and only a little more costs are involved compared to the increase in safety.

In cooperation with Spanninga

The V-Light technology has been devloped in close copperation with bicycle lights specialist Spanninga. It’s fully integrated in the ION (battery) system of the Koga E-Deluxe and E-Xtension 2017 models. Of course V-Lights complies with all applicable stanrads for bicycle lights and safety.

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