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Amer Sports Accelerates Digitally with Connected Products

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HELSINKI, Finland – Amer Sports, the Finnish holding for sporting goods companies including Mavic, is accelerating digitally. Its subsidiaries are developing new connected products and services at a fast pace. It includes products like connected footballs, sports watches for cyclists and many others.

Amer Sports Accelerates Digitally with Connected Products
Example of Amer Sports’ connected products; Suunto Spartan sports watches offering route navigation; sport expertise and training insights. – Photo Amer Sports

Through digital acceleration, Amer Sports is rapidly transforming into a holistic product and service oriented company. The target set for digital products and services is to grow beyond 600 million euro by 2020.

Digital acceleration strategy

According to Heikki Norta, Amer Sports Chief Digital Officer, Amer Sports is ready to capture growth in digital products and services. The company’s digital acceleration strategy has three key pillars. First of all, Amer Sports brands are rapidly developing new digitally connected products and services. “Adding a service element in our products builds a direct relation between the consumer and us,”  Norta points out.

Monetizing user profiles

Second, Amer Sports uses rich user profiles to identify the customers’ needs in order to offer them relevant products in the right situation. “We use our digital products and services to create a common Amer Sports database with rich user profiles. We can monetize the database through our BtoC sales across all our brands.”

Digital ecosystem

The third pillar is communication with customers in a relevant and efficient way in the channels they use. All three pillars are combined in the Amer Sports digital ecosystem. “Our ecosystem is the framework that binds together our consumer touch points, data systems, retail channels, and digitally connected products and services. The consumer data we collect across our brands flows within this ecosystem. Thus, we can collect data from various touch points and make offers through market automation. For a customer buying Atomic cross country skis, we can offer apparel made by Salomon.”

Examples of connected products

Examples of Amer Sports’ new connected products and services is for instance the Wilson X Connected football. This is a football with a tiny, undetectable chip that collects data that can be moved to statistics, TV or stadium infrastructure. Another connected product series are the Suunto Spartan sports watches. This is a next generation multisport device targeting 80 different sports. It is connected to ‘Movescount’ for featuring smart training insights. This GPS watch offers route navigation; sport expertise and training insights.

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