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Amer Sports (Mavic) Focusses on Growth Through Omnichannel Expansion

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ANNECY, France – Amer Sports restructured its go-to-market organization recently. The restructuring focused on consumer centricity through a switch to Omnicvhannel strategies which has to ensure growth.

Amer Sports (Mavic) Focusses on Growth Through Omnichannel Expansion
For offering complete customer journeys Amer Sports operates currently over 280 brand stores. – Photo Amer Sports

Amer Sports, the Finnish sporting goods conglomerate (2015 turnover 2.5 billion euro) that in the bicycle sector includes Mavic and ENVE Composites, announced its restructuring and Omni-Channel focus through its Chief Commercial Officer Michael White. He said, “Consumers’ habits and practices are changing. To create growth through Omnichannel expansion, we set up our team to embrace those changes.”

Omnichannel puts consumer first

According to Amer Sports, “The Omni-Channel model means putting the consumer first, in contrast to a product or channel-centric mindset. Omnichannel encapsulates all the ways we interact with consumers. It involves delivering an excellent consumer experience at every touch point. Therefore, it encompasses both the online and in-store experience, irrespective of whether these are in-house or managed by an external retail partner.

“Today, consumers want a seamless experience. We cannot deliver it if we have a siloed organization. So, we made the decision to bring our retail, e-commerce, and wholesale organizations together.”

Engaging with savvy consumers

According to Michael White, “Consumers are becoming ever more demanding and savvy. When researching and purchasing products, they want a close relationship with the brand with more personal interaction. Fortunately, we have strong, authentic brands, and we can capitalize on that. However, we have to figure out how we engage with the consumer physically and online in the best possible way. We must be consistent, and create best experiences in all channels.

“The better experience we offer consumers, the more likely they are to try, buy and recommend our brands. This gives better immediate sales results and builds brand equity for future growth. It also leads to improved sell-through with our brand partners, which in turn leads to more space and articles in-store and higher revenues.”

Amer Sports brand stores

Despite the Amer Sports statement that all its brands are making progress in e-commerce the network of the company’s own brand stores is growing rapidly. Chief Commercial Officer Michael White stated, “Today we have more than 280 stores. We will open at least 25 new stores every year, depending, of course, on finding the right locations. Our stores are increasingly linking with the local community, providing a more engaging experience for the consumer.”

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