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DK-City Launched All-In-One Design E-bike Kit

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – DK City developed the second generation ‘all in one design’ hub motor. The 2016 version comes with a series of major developments like the smartphone applications as well as more powerful motor. Both contribute to an improved riding experience.

DK-City Launched All-In-One Design E-bike Kit
The DK City Hot Wheel provides a reach of approximately 50 kilometres. – Photos Bike Europe

The DK City ‘Hot Wheel’ has several advantages over fixed e-bike systems. To install Hot Wheel, neither frames nor any other component needs to be adjusted. It fits on any standard bike as long as the front fork is 100 millimetre wide. DK City distributes the Hot Wheel in different configurations from motor and battery pack only to full set as laced wheel in combination with a front fork. The wheel set comes in three different sizes, 20-inch, 26-inch and 28-inch (or 700C).

Wireless pedal sensor

The all in one design with motor, battery, sensors, and controller inside the wheel has several advantages claimed by DK City. With the wireless pedal sensor in combination with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and the Hot Wheel App, the rider can easily synchronize his/ her smartphone to the wheel. The smartphone can be used to control the motor, but a separate display is also available from DK City. The wireless communication between the controller in the front wheel, the pedal sensor, and the display or smartphone works very well and guarantees a smooth ride. Also the weight of 5.6 kilogram for the whole system in the front wheel hardly affects the riding conditions.

 New generation

The second generation Hot Wheel includes a series of enhancements like 48 volts instead of a 24 volts motor making the motor more powerful. According to DK City, “front wheel motors have major advantages when used for city bikes.” A rear wheel version to be used in MTB is still under development. The new Hot Wheel can be maintained easily by a detachable power button and controller, while using spokes and slots in the cover makes it easier to adjust when the wheel isn’t balanced.

Flexible system

DK City selected to use ABS for the cover as it weighs less, is waterproof and has better performance regards to non-conductivity. Also the installation of the system is very flexible and no tools are required. The wheel is mounted on the front fork via quick release and the sensor is put on the crank with a velcro. This makes Hot Wheel a very suitable e-bike kit for bike rental companies as they can convert a standard bike into an e-bike in minutes.

Fitness and electric scooter supplier

Based in Taichung, DK City operates a series of factories in Taiwan and one in China. The company is particularly known in the fitness industry and distributes its products in more than 50 countries. DK City manufacturers a wide range of products from high-end furniture, fitness equipment and massage chairs to the recreational electric-scooters and golf cars. In the past year it invested substantial resources in the R&D of electrical, pollution-free bicycles and motorcycles.

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