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E-Bike Sales Doubles in Norway

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OSLO, Norway – Electric bicycles are rapidly becoming more popular in Norway. This year sales is estimated to double. What contributes to the success is a subsidy scheme offered by the Oslo city council for residents that buy an e-bike.

E-Bike Sales Doubles in Norway
Electric bicycles are rapidly becoming more popular in Norway. - Photo Visit Norway

Norway’s main distributors and dealers estimate 2016 bike sales in Norway to have dropped a bit compared to the 2015 total. It’s not possible to get exact figures. This year about 350.000 to 360.000 bicycles are sold. This is the educated guess by the country’s industry experts. Last year sales was estimated at about 400.000 units. Money wise the Norwegian market is performing flat this year. In particular as e-bike sales compensated for the drop of the overall market.

E-bike market share

One of the biggest retailers in Norway says his sales in electric bikes doubled compared to 2015. In that year the total electric bike sales exceeded about 20.000 units in the whole of Norway. This year total sales is to reach about 40,000 units. It means that e-bikes are now holding a market share in Norway of over 10 percent.

Subsidy scheme for e-bikes

Most of the in Norway sold e-bikes retail for about NOK 20,000 (€ 2,200). Residents of Norway’s Capital Oslo however can obtain an electric bicycle for much less. The city council is supporting cycling and offers a NOK 500 (€ 550) subsidy for residents buying an e-bike.

Politicians promoting cycling

With this subsidy scheme the Oslo city council is exemplary of  Norwegian politicians that are actively promoting cycling. For that more bike lanes are constructed. And these bike routes are made snowfree in winter after snowfall.

E-bikes for transportation and commuting

All this fits with the trend that more Norwegians are now buying e-bikes for transportation and commuting. Previous Norwegians used Mountainbikes or Trekking bikes for this purpose. This is changing into e-bikes more destined for commuting which can also more easily be used in wintertime from November to April, especially in Norway’s big towns and their surroundings.

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