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New High Speed Impact Resistant Carbon Fiber Arriving

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HEERLEN, the Netherlands – There’s a new breed of carbon fibers arriving. They are suited for use in bike frames, parts as well as in bike wear; products prone to high impacts. In particular as the new fibers are handling impact forces significantly better.

New High Speed Impact Resistant Carbon Fiber Arriving
Road bike frame made with Carbon/Dyneema hybrid laminates. – Photo Royal DSM

The new carbon fibers have been developed by Royal DSM. This is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. DSM and its associated companies generate annual net sales of about € 10 billion with approximately 25,000 employees. The Dutch company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

Outperforming other materials

Through one of subsidiaries named Dyneema a carbon fiber composite has been created that offers dramatically better impact resistance. This carbon fiber composite also outperforms other materials on tension, compression, bending and impact loadings. Next to that this composite doesn’t splinter. All this, as Royal DSM says, “Opens the way to new and exciting applications.”

Hybridizing carbon fiber

The new carbon fiber has been created by combining – hybridizing – carbon fiber with Dyneema UHMwPE fiber (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene). This results in carbon/Dyneema hybrid composites that handle impact forces significantly better. From 50% up to 100% better, depending on the amount and performance level of the Dyneema used.

Useful properties

According to DSM the new carbon fiber, “Has the ability to replace up to half the carbon with Dyneema without significantly reducing the final composite’s typical ‘carbon fiber’ performance. This reflects another useful property of Dyneema as these fibers have a lower density than carbon fibers. So, on a weight-for-weight basis, you can make the composite that contains Dyneema thicker than one that doesn’t which greatly enhances flexural strength.”

Cycling shorts, parts and road bike frames

Carbon/Dyneema hybrid laminates are currently being used in cycling shorts, bicycle parts while the first road bike frames made with the world’s strongest fiber are appearing. Last year Team Giant-Alpecin and DSM teamed up for designing cycling shorts made with Carbon/Dyneema laminates for providing peak protection while meeting critical comfort requirements.

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