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Sitael Unveils Enhanced E-Bike Connectivity System

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MOLA DI BARI, Italy – Sitael launched the next generation of its ‘ESB’ connectivity system, the first real Internet of Things (IoT) solution for e-bikes. The ESB hardware and software, a cloud-based connectivity platform for a complete riding experience, has been redesigned to work smarter by offering new features and functionalities.

Sitael Unveils Enhanced E-Bike Connectivity System
Sitael’s E-bike Connectivity System (ESB). – Photo Sitael

Since its initial development in 2013 by SITAEL’s IoT Division, the focus of ESB has always been to become the strategic partner for the bike industry. Today, after working on technology improvements and user experience re-design, the system pushes the boundaries of e-bike connectivity to another level in terms of technical performance and a totally redesigned user interface.

Remote Diagnosis & End-User biking Experience

The vehicle equipped with ESB provides the end-user with innovative features including navigation, social media, maintenance notification, anti-theft system, remote data check and GEO-location, crash detection and emergency call.

The vehicle connection to the cloud, performed either via Bluetooth or via the GPS/GPRS, provides professional users with an advanced solution, that allows the possibility to remotely analyse bike data with a powerful diagnostic tool and support customers in real-time integrating relationship management features.

On fleet management level, ESB combines diagnostic and geo-location information to improve industrial processes, like spare part handling and vehicle redistribution while analysing components performance.

Partnerships in bicycle industry

ESB, today, relies on a network of international partnerships in the e-bike industry such as BMZ, DLG and Hi-Tech Energy, as well as Brose, TranzX and Continental which has allowed the integration of ESB technology into some of the most innovative e-bike models available on the market such as those designed by Bulls, eFlow and Diavelo.

ESB is a product of Sitael S.p.A., an Italian company operating in the Aerospace and High-Technology industry. It manages all stages of production and development, offering highly safe and reliable turnkey solutions such as in the Curiosity Rover Mission on Mars by NASA.

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