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SpeedX Integrates Power Meter

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BEIJING, China – Smart road bike pioneer SpeedX announces the production start of its latest top-end model which features an integrated SpeedX power meter to complement its sophisticated integrated computer. The ‘Unicorn’ has been presented at the CES in Las Vegas today.

SpeedX Integrates Power Meter
The SpeedX frameset will be introduced in three versions; Unicorn X eTap, Unicorn Pro eTap and Unicorn Di2. – Photo SpeedX

The SpeedX project was started in 2014 followed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising 2.2 million euro, by Tony Li and Jam Gao. Their aim was to bring hi-tech changes to push the bike industry forward. They first released an app for cycling enthusiasts that has already gathered more than one million users. Then came the SpeedForce bike computer that transformed regular bikes into smart bikes. And in March 2016, SpeedX launched its smart bike, the Leopard, which became the most funded road bike project on Kickstarter.

Weighing just 850 grams

The Unicorn comes with an integrated power meter. According to SpeedX this is the world’s first smart road bike to feature an integrated power meter. It lasts 400 hours or 8,000km. Tested against SRM it recorded a 99% accuracy figure, and is easily rechargeable at home.

Weighing just 850 gram including paint, the Unicorn frameset will be introduced in three versions; Unicorn X eTap, Unicorn Pro eTap and Unicorn Di2.

Improved comfort, control and speed

Some of the other features are; the Vibration Control System (VCS), a frame technology to absorb bumps and smoothen out vibrations, while improving comfort, control and speed. The frame set is durable, flexible and light thanks to a new production process called HyperCarbon. Finally the SpeedForce, an integrated cycling computer with a 2.2-inch touchscreen. Based on Android OS, it comes with a wireless button that can be put anywhere, for example, on the handlebar, to easily switch screens when riding.

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