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FSA Electronic Groupset Now Available

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – The first announcement was made at Eurobike last year. Last week at Taipei Cycle 2017 FSA presented its new 11-speed electronic group-set. After ten years of product development, the company is now really entering the market with an all new line of components.

FSA Electronic Groupset Now Available
FSA electronic group-set comes with a series of remarkable features. – Photo Bike Europe

Called the K-Force WE, FSA first complete group-set comes with carbon shifter levers, a carefully crafted what is named ‘switchgear’, the game-changing front and rear derailleurs, the hidden long-life battery pack, as well as a fully redesigned K-Force crankset, chainrings, cassette and uprated brakes.

‘Hybrid wireless’

K-Force WE is, in effect, a ‘hybrid wireless’. It is the result of extensive research, design, and testing. The front and rear derailleurs and the battery pack are connected via a wire hidden in the chainstays and seat-tube, while the rider-configurable shifters are fully wireless, each powered by a lightweight battery.

Efficient, precise functionality

The benefits for this design approach are found in the optimum blend of efficient, precise functionality, long-term reliability, weight-saving and ease of use, charging and maintenance. As K-Force WE’s wireless signals are transmitted via ANT+, there are multiple option to record and share the data. FSA developed software apps, and worked closely on integration with headunit maker Wahoo and Garmin. It is also compatibility with many other ANT+-equipped bike computers. The overall weight of the K-Force WE drivetrain is just 2,090g.

Batteries inside the shifters

The K-Force WE shifters’ size, shape and texture of the hoods has been subject to long time research and trailing. They are available in two lengths, with 6mm difference between them, to suit every hand size and rider type. This is complemented by the fact that both have reach adjustability to three different positions.

The wireless shifters are each powered by a single ‘coin’ battery, positioned inside the hood. They will typically last around two years.

The K-Force WE’s digital control box is positioned on top of the front shifting cage. Here, signals are received via ANT+ from the shifters, and relayed directly to the front derailleur itself and by wire to the rear derailleur.

No parallelogram design

The small LED lights on the front derailleur indicate battery status. In the unlikely event that it runs out of charge while out on a ride, the K-Force WE safety system will force the front derailleur into the inner chainring position. The K-Force WE front and rear derailleur lack the traditional parallelogram design, but a unique electronic-driven gearbox moving the cage across the cassette with immense precision.

K-Force WE is powered by a single slimline tube battery that’s easily and securely mounted inside the bike’s seatpost. This position means no ingress of water or salt making it well protected against effects of extreme temperature change.

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