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Holland’s Biggest On-line Retailer Expands Internationally

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – In 2016 the largest online retailer in the Netherlands, increased its turnover to 40 million euro. “We expect to double this to 85 million euro this year,” said Bastiaan Hagenouw, CEO of the International Bike Group, owner of, in an interview in the Dutch newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’.

Holland’s Biggest On-line Retailer Expands Internationally
Bastiaan Hagenouw, CEO International Bike Group and – Photo Bike Europe

Though the International Bike Group (IBG) does not publish its financial results, Hagenouw stated in the interview that this increase will mainly be generated in the Netherlands. “The operating result in the Netherlands over 2016 were positive but at group level the results were negative because of the investments abroad,” said Hagenouw.

70.000 bicycles

In 2016 IBG claims to have sold 70,000 bicycles, of which a substantial part was e-bikes. For 2017 Bastiaan Hagenouw thinks half of the total number of bicycles sold by IBG will be electric bikes. Currently IBG operates 22 ‘bricks and mortar’ shops. Next to the Netherlands, the company also wants to invest in opening up at least 30 new shops in Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The location of these stores will depend on the origin of the website visitors.

Service Points

In the Netherlands, offers its customers a network of some 200 service points operated by independent entrepreneurs who take care of maintenance and repairs. In 2016 around five percent of the total turnover or € 2 million was generated by ‘Maintenance & Repair’. For 2017 IBG expects this to increase to 15 percent of the turnover.

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