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Mediamarkt Stops Selling E-Bikes

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Mediamarkt in the Netherlands ends its pilot on selling electric bicycles. The pilot was intended to clarify whether Mediamarkt could turn this into a commercial success after which stores in other European countries were also to start selling e-bikes.

Mediamarkt Stops Selling E-Bikes
Mediamarkt stops with e-bikes because demand did not met sales costs. - Photo Mediamarkt

At the 2015 Eurobike show Mediamarkt representatives were having talks with potential e-bike suppliers. On April 4, 2016  Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics with over 700 stores in 14 countries, started with the sale in six stores in The Netherlands. For its pilot the retail chain unsuccessfully tried to engage one or more top e-bike brands. Sales started with a private label brand. Next to sales the retail chain also offered repair services in its Dutch shops.

That the company took its pilot very serious was illustrated by the fact that potential buyers were offered a free e-bike try-out period of two weeks. The shops also had test facilities; on special tread mills equipped with virtual screens customers could experience an e-bike ride.

Market demand

What caused the stop is that market demand not met the sales costs at the six stores in The Netherlands. Mediamarkt says “This pilot was meant to test whether offering sharply priced e-bikes would be successful. Now, almost one year later, we sadly have to conclude that the demand does not outweigh the costs and occupancy of our retail space.”

Clearance sale started

Mediamarkt comments further “Up to July this year we will have a clearance sale of our stock. Mediamarkt regrets this outcome but rather focusses, caused by the disappointing results, on expanding the more popular categories. A World of Gaming or Coffee World are examples of these options.”

According to sources the pilot has also stopped because of Mediamarkt’s failure of getting the shop floor’s level of knowledge upgraded enough to sell and service electric bicycles successfully.

The six stores in the Netherlands are selling e-bikes of different brands up to July. These brands are (among others) Keola, Piaggio Wi, Matra, EVO and Mando. Electric bicycles are also sold through Mediamarkt’s webshop in Germany. Here the electric bicycles are offered under the brand names Fisher, Segway, Prophere and Rex.

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