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Merida to Double E-Bike Production in Taiwan

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YUANLIN, Taiwan – Merida is stepping up its e-bike production in Taiwan. Volume wise Taiwan’s bicycle industry suffered substantial declines in export last year, including Merida. However, as a member of the former A-Team, Merida holds on to the strategy of investments in added value to expand its business.

Merida to Double E-Bike Production in Taiwan
Merida is stepping up its production capacity of e-bike to 25,000 units per month. – Photo Bike Europe

Mid 2016 Merida’s new e-bike factory in Taiwan was fully up and running with a monthly capacity of 10,000 e-bikes. “However to fulfill demand for the booming e-bike market in Europe, Merida is currently constructing a second floor on the e-bike factory to grow the production,” said Peter Koperdraad of Merida Benelux. “This new floor is expected to be ready by the end of this year resulting in a total e-bike production capacity of 25,000 units per month.”

Shimano is an important supplier for the Merida e-bike range and the Taiwanese manufacturer adjusted its e-bike development, including the frames, with the product life cycle of Shimano Steps.

‘Uphill is the new downhill’

“Full suspension at regular mountain bikes is less popular because of the weight,” explains Peter Koperdraad. “For electric bikes the weight is not an issue. The latest trend which emerges in Europe is ‘uphillen’. Uphillen is the opposite of ‘downhillen’. Your full suspension e-MTB takes you in the mountains where you go for a lunch or a tour and the lift takes you down again. That makes e-mountainbiking so popular in Europe.”

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