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Messingschlager to Distribute Bluetooth Lock ‘Linka’

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BAUNACH, Germany – It is called theft protection 2.0, the keyless Bluetooth operated ring lock of the Californian company Linka. Locking requires only short pressing on the side-mounted button. At the same time, an alarm is activated. The Linka automatically unlocks and the alarm is deactivated when the smart-phone with the app comes back in a 1.5 metre radius.

Messingschlager to Distribute Bluetooth Lock ‘Linka’
The Bluetooth operated Linka lock has a 6 to 9 months battery life. – Photo Messingschlager

The lock comes with an alarm systems of 110 dB when somebody tries to steal the bike. In case the owner with the app is within a radius of 120 meters he will get a warning message in the form of a push notification, if the bike is moved unauthorized. Linka has also found a solution what to do when you forgot your smart phone or the battery is empty as it can alos be unlocked with a 4-digit code.

‘Heat map’ feature

A remarkable feature of the Linka is the ‘heat map’ showing the owner how much bicycles are stolen in which areas in order to avoid them.

These and other feature of the Linka can also be used by bike-sharing companies, hotels and rental companies. They can easily provide the code to deactivate the lock which means that fixed stations are no longer necessary for bike sharing systems. In conjunction with the self-developed software ‘FleetView’, Linka offers a complete service for controlling the fleet.

The Californian company Linka partnered with Messingschlager for the worldwide distribution.


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