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Production of Carbon Components to Start in Europe

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – A new chapter in the reshoring of bicycle and e-bike parts production from Asia to Europe in order to increase supply chain flexibility has been announced at last week’s Taipei Cycle Show. The production of carbon components in Europe is to start soon.

Production of Carbon Components to Start in Europe
Production of carbon components in Europe is to start soon. In Taiwan Velocite runs automated carbon rim production. – Photo Bike Europe

Victor Major CEO of Taiwan based Velocite Tech Co. Ltd. announced this start. Last year he founded the subsidiary Velocite BVBA; a company based in Belgium at Bike Valley Flanders.

The Velocite Tech CEO said at the Taipei Cycle Show to Bike Europe “We have a manufacturing project underway aimed at the just-in-time manufacture of continuous fiber composite parts. The projects are sponsored by the Belgian government and the EU Horizon 2020 initiative and are expected to bear results within 12-18 months.”

Automated manufacturing of carbon parts

Victor Major furthered with “The projects are not derivatives of something that was done before, hence the public grant money. Our consortiums are also capable and have a good track record in automation and manufacturing – this is not an early stage idea, but something that is already under way.”

With regard to automation and manufacturing carbon components Velocite showed at Taipei Cycle automated produced 50mm high profile carbon rims. According to the Velocite CEO these carbon rims stand out on uniformity and alignment of the fibers despite the rims’ curved shapes.

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