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E-MTB Sales Booming in Austria

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VIENNA, Austria – Thriving e-bike and especially e-MTB sales pushed up the Austrian market in 2016. The number of sold e-MTBs increased by no less than 80% from 16,666 units in 2015 to 30,000 last year. Austria’s industry organization Arge Fahrrad reported a total market volume of 86.546 e-bikes in 2016.

E-MTB Sales Booming in Austria
More than one fifth of all bicycles sold in Austria is now an e-bike. – Photo Simplon

E-bikes are now holding an impressive 21.8% market share in Austria’s overall bicycle sales. According to Arge Fahrrad, “Austria’s e-bike market share is now ranking third after the Netherlands and Belgium but it is bigger than in Switzerland and Germany.” The e-bike market has been growing steadily since 2012. “Particularly the hike in e-MTB sales last year led to higher average retail prices due to the complexity and the more technical parts used on e-MTBs,” said Arge Fahrrad PR spokesman Alexander Raffeiner.

Stable market volume

According to Arge Fahrrad’s bicycle market statistics over 2016 a total of 310,454 non-motorized bicycles were sold, resulting in a total market volume of some 397,000 units. Last year the Austria bicycle market grew by 1.8 % from 390,000 in 2015. “This number confirms that the Austrian market is still hovering around a yearly volume of 400,000 units. Depending on the previous season and possible inventory this number will vary a little bit year by year,” states Raffeiner.

Impressive average sales price

The growth in e-bike sales resulted in an increase of the average retail price by 15.4% to € 900. The highest average price is generated by IBDs as it increased to € 1,150, up 9.5%. However, the average retail price in the sporting goods retail rose to € 650; an impressive increase of 27.5% compared to 2015. This is a clear indication that the Austrian sporting goods retail, who used to have a more price-aggressive strategy offering private label bicycles, is now also taking its share of the growing e-bike market. Those days that the e-bike was exclusively handled by the IBDs are over in Austria.

A full report with all statistics on the Austrian market will be published in the May issue of Bike Europe.

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