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Orbea Focuses on Customized Bicycle Production

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MALLABIA, Spain – Orbea is reorganizing the layout and the organization of its factory in Mallabia, Spain. And Orbea is ambitious. “We want to be the leading brand in customized bicycles,” says the company’s industrial director Miguel Ángel Estandía.

Orbea Focuses on Customized Bicycle Production
Reorganization of Orbea’s Mallabia facility is expected to be ready by mid-2018. – Photo Orbea

According to Orbea the project is not only about modernizing its facilities, it is also intended to rethink each and every step in its manufacturing processes. “Being more efficient means that we will be capable to deliver the bicycles even faster while we can also inform the customer more precisely when his or her customized bike will be ready,” is explained on Orbea’s website.

The main part of the reorganization of the Mallabia facility in Spain which has recently started, is the construction of an all new painting facility. It is expected to be ready by October this year and will cover a total area of 600 square meters. The current painting area will be reconstructed completely. In the future it will be used for prototype painting, colour and texture research and a whole series of innovative projects. In the end Orbea expects to be capable to multiply its existing production capacity.

Warehouse and assembly

Another important step in Orbea’s project is the reorganization of the warehouse in order to improve the efficiency. Orbea expects to be able to handle more products on the same floor space. The three assembly lines will be renovated early 2018 and are expected to be fully operational in the second quarter of that year. Finally Orbea is also expanding its frame test facilities “to improve the cycling experience of our customers,” says Miguel Ángel Estandía.

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