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Tektro Launches New G-Spec Disc Brakes

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Tektro recently launched the updated versions of its TRP branded G-Spec Quadiem and G-Spec Slate disc brakes for MTBs. Both disc brakes were developed in close cooperation with four-time World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin.

Tektro Launches New G-Spec Disc Brakes
Tektro Update the G-Spec Quadiem and G-Spec Slate disc brakes. – Photo TRP/Tektro

The G-Spec Quadiem and G-Spec Slate feature the Aaron Gwin designed lever blade which he perfected while racing during his 2016 season. Gwin also came up with the idea of the tool-free adjustable reach to make life easier on the trail and reduce the need to carry so many tools.

The Quadiem Series

The caliper of the G-Spec Quadiem has been upgraded with composite and steel hybrid pistons and machined with cooling grooves. These provide improved heat dissipation hard-on-the brakes descents. The internal caliper pad tolerance is also tighter, removing free-play, for further improving braking efficiency. The new drilled lever blades offer greater feedback and security, and the indexed tool-free reach adjustment feature makes fine tuning lever reach easier than ever. Finally the G-Spec Quadiem is made from forged aluminum that is then CNC’d, polished, and anodized for a long lasting finish.

The Slate Series

The Slate is generally similar to the Quadiem, at a lighter weight. However it comes with two different diameter pistons allowing for excellent modulation. The G-Spec Slate will feature the same indexed tool free reach adjust and hybrid pistons as the G-Spec Quadiem. The Slate is make for enduro and XC riders requiring an easily serviceable brake with high performance and greater control. Both new brake sets will be compatible with major manufactures shift levers.


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