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Bafang Launches E-Shaft and Mini Hub Motor at China Cycle

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SUZHOU, China – Bafang selected the China Int’l Bicycle Show in Shanghai, which will open its doors next Saturday, as the platform to launch multiple new developments for various growing segments and e-bike categories.

Bafang Launches E-Shaft and Mini Hub Motor at China Cycle
When cool looks, low weight, handling and manoeuvrability counts more than maximum battery capacity or maximum torque. – Photos Bafang

Bafang’s new Mini geared hub is strategically aimed at the growing number of clean and lean looking standard-shaped e-bikes for the urban market. This is the hub in a front or rear version when cool looks, low weight, handling and maneuverability counts more than maximum battery capacity or maximum torque.

The Mini-hub provides 45 Nm torque weights less than 1400 gram and is only 99 mm in diameter. Combinations with all brake system are possible and the rear hub version is compatible with 6 to 9 speed cassettes. The Mini-hub is available from Q4/ 2017.

Ultra-thin multicolour display

To provide a display for a different quality levels and price points Bafang developed a premium ultra-thin and multicolour display with a wide variety of functions. It comes with a modern user-interface design, USB-out port and Dual Pre-set modes with up to 5 support levels. A wired remote satellite control unit and an adjustable mounting bracket between 0 and 135 degrees make this display compatible for wide range of e-bikes.

E-shaft drive for public sharing bikes

As public bike sharing systems are booming business in particularly China as Bike Europe reported, Bafang developed a fully integrated e-shaft system for this rapidly growing category. According to Bafang “the economic but reliable electric version of a public rental bike is still missing on a larger scale. The well-developed and trusted e-shaft drive might be the best solution for an ultra-robust, maintenance free e-bike drive train.”

The complete 250W motor and shaft unit, excluding the battery, weighs around 5 kilogram and provides up to 50 Nm of torque. The Bafang e-shaft comes in different lengths for various wheel sizes while reduction ratios will be provided. The system will be compatible with Shimano 3-, 7-, or 8 speed hubs for various brake options, including coaster brakes. It will be available from March 2018.

Bafang development strategies

Sunny He, Chief Engineer, Marketing Director, and one of the founders of Bafang, explains “Our development strategies for new products are based on a few simple principles. A dedicated, customer focused approach is the main driver of decisions to address a new product, segment, or market, within the ever growing differentiation of the electric bike – or better said: ‘electric vehicle markets’.”

Bafang’s assets

“Speed to market is the other great asset we bring to the table. When trends emerge, our team of 45 engineers can rapidly address matching products, along with our existing complete range of drive train options. Additionally, China has the most prolific and dynamic parts and supplier system in the world which is currently driven by the rapid development of the public bike sharing systems.”

Bafang exhibits at the China International Bicycle Show in hall 4.1 stand D 0823. The China Int’l Bicycle Show takes place in Shanghai, China from May 6 – 9.


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