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Bridgestone Goes Airless

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TOKYO, Japan – The world’s largest tyre and rubber company introduces a new version of their ‘Air Free Concept’ tyres, this time for bicycles. The Japanese company could make this product available by 2019.

Bridgestone Goes Airless
Air Free Concept wheels are made with unique spokes that offer rim support and dampens vibrations. – Photo Bridgestone Corp

Bridgestone’s Air Free Concept is not new and many rubber companies are working on it, Bridgestone launched it a couple of years ago as a wheel/tyre system prototype for cars. Together with their subsidiary bicycle manufacturer Bridgestone Cycle they have now developed an Air Free version for bicycles. The advantage is obvious – no air inside the tube/tyre means no flats.

Unique spokes

The Air Free Concept wheels are made with a set of unique spokes that support the rim structure and also dampens vibrations. The tyre itself has a solid structure and is puncture free. Bridgestone has also put a lot of effort into the efficient use of resources.

As this is a still in a concept stage there are still questions unanswered. Like if there will be a way to adjust the hardness of the system or how (if at all) to change a tyre. Bridgestone Corporation and Bridgestone Cycle are committed to develop puncture free bicycle tyres and to create bicycles like never before.


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