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DDK Combines Elastomer and Spring for More Comfort

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People often like elastomer or spring saddles for comfortable cycling. Why not combine these two? DDK did and presented the result at Taipei Cycle.

DDK Combines Elastomer and Spring for More Comfort

The main feature of the DDK Metropolitan saddles cannot be seen from the outside – a combined spring and elastomer. It is also a safety feature, as kids’ fingers cannot be pinched when they ride in a child seat on the rear rack. DDK also added a grip on the back of the saddle for easy lifting of the bike. Especially when mounted on heavier e-bikes this grip makes it easier to move the bike around. The Metropolitan line is available in two models.

Comfort with spring and elastomer

As well as this comfort saddle DDK is also looking for other ways to improve the comfort of bicycle saddles. The company even opened a new factory in Vietnam for the production of memory foam. Today DDK is working on the development of memory foam that has the characteristics of gel, as memory foam has many advantage over gel. It weighs less, is less vulnerable to vandalism, and doesn’t get hot in the sun. According to DDK this trend to develop memory foam with these characteristics is driven by the European e-bike market, which is looking for comfortable but low weight saddles.

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