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Klever Adds Power, Range & Connectivity to 2018 E-Bikes

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COLOGNE, Germany – Klever Mobility Europe GmbH has presented their 2018 product series at the company’s new HQ in Cologne, Germany. Ever since being founded in 2011, the subsidiary of Taiwan-based Kymco has focussed on offering ‘car converts’ an alternative for their daily commute in urban areas. 

Klever Adds Power, Range & Connectivity to 2018 E-Bikes
Klever’s 2018 news focusses on the X-series which included 5 models including 2 speed pedelecs. – Photo Klever

Klever Mobility Europe GM, Fritz Baumgarten, is convinced that high-end e-bikes and speed pedelecs not only present new status symbols. “We see a huge market potential for this category especially in central Europe in the near future,” he said.

New Klever X-series

Klever’s 2018 news focusses on the X-series with its characteristic loop frame. The brand’s B and Q series remain unchanged for the coming season.

The X-series, that has just won the IF product design award and the Red Dot awards as well as various test awards, will be available in five versions. Three 25 km/h e-bikes include the single-speed ‘X Raw’, the fully equipped ‘X Commuter’ and the ‘X Power’ with 55 Nm torque compared to 41/43 Nm in the other models. Retail prices will range between €3,000 and 4,000. Two speed pedelecs, the Klever ‘X Speed’ with a 600 Wh motor that retails for €4,899 and the golden ‘X Speed Limited Edition’ retailing for €5,199 with premium components for putting the icing on the cake of the X-series. The 45 km/h versions have just passed the new type approval procedure in the L1e-B class and will be available from August this year.

Connect+ module

As of 2018, Klever will offer a new Connect+ module as an upgrade for the X-series. It allows to control the bike via Smartphone, integrates GSM tracking and provides an electronic anti-theft feature.

To extend in particular the speed-pedelecs’ range Klever is introducing a new 850 Wh battery in Cologne that will be compatible with all Klever models, the current and older ones. It will be available in spring 2018 as an upgrade to the existing 360, 470 and 570 Wh batteries.

Elegant simplicity

Klever’s distinctive, rectangular battery has been the central design element of the brand’s e-bikes and continues to be shown proudly in the new X-series. “We believe that visual habits are changing and electric two-wheelers will tend to look different from regular bicycles,” said Thomas Fiegl of styling bureau ‘artefakt’ that designed the X-series. “The goal was to create a design as simple as possible,” Fiegl added. The price for this elegant simplicity of the X-frame is a “big headache” on the engineering side, admitted Klever CEO Victor Ko. To cope with the challenge, the frames for the X-series are manufactured by a renowned specialist aluminum frame builder in Taiwan.

All other components including the BIACTRON rear hub motor, which is used in all Klever models, motor controller, software, batteries and mechanics are manufactured at Klever (Kymco Light Electric Vehicles) in-house. “With all key components we are completely independent from other suppliers,” said Fritz Baumgarten. “This allows us to offer an extremely safe investment regarding overall quality and technical upgrades.”

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