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Komenda and ZEG Cooperation Brings Industry Partners Together

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SANKT GALLEN, Switzerland – The Swiss company Komenda sets a new standard regarding battery integration with its new brand Bergstrom. It is distributed only in Switzerland, but at the recent dealer presentation it became public that ZEG will launch these models under the brand name Kettler in Germany.

Komenda and ZEG Cooperation Brings Industry Partners Together
Astro’s Samuel Hu, ZEG’s Georg Honkomp, Paul Lange & Co’s Bernhard Lange and host Dirk Kurek (left to right) at the announcement of the cooperation. – Photos Peter Hummel

Already last year, Komenda CEO Dirk Kurek stirred the market with the launch of his new brand Bergstrom. The bikes with the neatly integrated Brose drive, were at that time one of the most striking on the market. However, they did not quite live up to the brand name as it were not MTBs only, but also SUVs (sports-urban bikes).

Opening in lower tube

For next year Bergstrom launched a series of all new ATVs (= Alpine Trail Velo). It includes five true-bred MTBs with Shimano’s E8000 MTB motor in combination with the new ‘snake pack’ battery developed by the Taiwanese battery manufacturer SMP Simplo. As this consists of six cell packs connected by joints the opening in the lower tube can be reduced to only 8 x 14 centimeter. As a result, the lower tube’s reinforcement can be limited while it maintains its stiffness. Bergstrom is the first brand to use this new battery.

Cooperation partners

It is remarkable that Shimano allows a small and still new brand to use the Shimano system in combination with a different battery solution. Apparently, Dirk Kurek could rely on his network: on the one hand Paul Lange & Co MD Bernhard Lange, but most notably ZEG chairman Georg Honkomp. He made it possible for Komenda AG to cooperate with Kettler, ZEG’s new flagship brand. Kettler will launch these premium models on the German market. Only thanks to this cooperation the required volume which Shimano calls for such own solutions, presumably around 10,000 units, can be achieved.

Sharing the costs to develop such complex frame was another advantage of the cooperation between Komenda and ZEG. The frames are manufactured for both brands at Astro, but the assembly is done by each company themselves.


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