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Decathlon in Germany Counts Over 40 Outlets in 2017

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PlOCHINGEN, Germany – Beginning of this year Decathlon announced that in 2017 its German subsidiary Decathlon Sportspezialvertriebs GmbH will have 40 outlets in the country. However, the world’s leading sporting goods retailer will go beyond that number as the 40 mark will already be reached this fall and more stores are to come.

Decathlon in Germany Counts Over 40 Outlets in 2017
Strong store expansion underlines Decathlon’s strong belief in brick&mortar retailing. – Photo Decathlon

Contrary to many other countries where Decathlon started operating in Germany proved to be more difficult. This is reflected by the fact that the sporting goods retail giant already opened its first store in Dortmund, Germany in 1986. Decathlon learned that expanding on that number proved to be difficult as Germany is one of the toughest retail markets in the world. The world’s number One (and also bicycle products selling) in retail WalMart for example also had big plans in Germany but finally pulled the plug (and left with huge debts). Germany is the only country in the world the US company gave up on.

Over 10 billion euro in sales

It took a couple of years before Decathlon got a feeling for the individual requests of the German market. This feeling might have developed as the French company reached out to new consumer groups with specific retail concepts. This contributed to Decathlon’s growth that stood at over by 12% in 2016. Last year the world’s biggest sports retailer generated a total of 10 billion euro in sales.    

Strong believer in brick & mortar retailing

Decathlon opened a new store in Cologne last March followed a month later in April by one in Ingolstadt and in May one in Karlsruhe. Next 12 October the 40th outlet of 2,100m² will open in Passau. Then more will follow up to the end of the year in Düsseldorf (2,000m²), Wuppertal (3,400m²), Regensburg (1,500m²), Rheine (2,000m²), Ahrensfelde-Eiche (2,700m²) and Dresden (2,600m²). With this Decathlon underlines that it’s a strong believer in brick&mortar retailing.

Next to store-openings Decathlon German subsidiary also expanded. Last April Decathlon Sportspezialvertriebs GmbH based in Plochingen expanded into a three-store building where it offers space for 50 new jobs.

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