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DT Swiss HYBRID Line Extends Lifetime of e-MTB’s

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BIEL/BIENNE, Switzerland – Bicycle wheel and component manufacturer DT Swiss has introduced a series of system wheels, especially developed to extend the lifetime of eMTB’s. With this brand-new ‘Hybrid’ line of extra strong yet light weight components, including rims, spokes and hubs DT Swiss wants to “unleash the full potential of eMTB’s,” said Vice President Daniel Berger.

DT Swiss HYBRID Line Extends Lifetime of e-MTB’s
In durability testing, life cycles more than doubled compared an ordinary rim while weight increased by about 10%. – Photo Susanne Brüsch

“The Hybrid line is our answer to riding further and harder while more miles, more vertical, more weight and more torque pose a whole new set of challenges to ordinary bike components,” Berger explained. Being an enthusiastic eMTB rider himself, it was his personal experience of turning “pain into fun” that triggered the Hybrid idea at DT Swiss.

“We wanted to bring eMTB riders the components they need, so they can extend their ride” said Hybrid Product Manager Nick Balla at the recent ‘MissionHybrid’ launch at the company’s headquarter in Biel, Switzerland. In addition to extensive personal eMTB experience combined with highly specialized know-how, the DT Swiss team has done intense in-house testing “to find the perfect strength to weight ratio,” said Testing Manager Philipp Lüdi.

“We have set up a global network of in-house and external specialists to be able to quickly prototype products. At the same time as these wheel prototypes are tortured on our test benches, we make sure they hit the dirt as quickly as possible, because in the end, what a rider feels through his arms, legs and butt is what ultimately counts,” Lüdi explained.

Stronger rims, hubs, spokes

The Hybrid rims stick with the DT Swiss signature profile designs and are engineered with increased wall thickness to increase traction and comfort. “We have added strength and material where it makes sense in order to deliver tough, eMTB specific rims that are offered in a range of widths (25, 30, 35mm) to match any type of riding on any type of terrain,” so the claim of DT Swiss. The approved system weight could thus be increased from 120kg to 150kg. In durability testing, life cycles more than doubled compared an ordinary rim while weight increased by about 10%.

The Hybrid hubs feature increased wall thickness in the oversized shell, high load axles and oversized spoke interfaces. This is complimented by new hardened steel 24T ratchets, oversize bearings and steel rotors. Specially designed spokes using reinforced and oversized straight pull heads and combine with DT Pro Lock® Squorx nipples complete the Hybrid system.

Four hybrid wheel sets on offer

From May 2017, DT Swiss offers four Hybrid wheel sets for a wide range of eMTBs, riders and budget. The top of the line is the HXC 1200 Spline wheel set that comes with 30mm wide carbon rims in the dimensions 27.5 and 29 inch. Classified for a max. load of 120kg, the 27.5 inch wheel itself weighs 1,678 grams and will be available for 2,248 EUR retail per set. The HX 1501 Spline model uses aluminum rims which adds 220 grams (total 1898g) to the total weight while increasing the maximum load to 150kg

. The 27.5 inch version costs 1,078 EUR. Hybrid H 1700 Spline and H 1900 Spline cover the price range under 800 EUR retail. Just like the HX 1501 they are sold in 25, 30 and 35mm width with the 30mm version being offered in both, 27.5 and 29 inch. The entry level H 1900 Spline comes at 288 EUR per wheel set and weighs slightly over 2000 grams.

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