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E-Bike and Road Race Sales Increase Spain’s Market Value

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MADRID, Spain – Generating a turnover of some €70 million, the relative small volume of e-bike sales in Spain already represents nearly 12% of the market. Last year the e-bike market volume increased by 64% to just over 40,000 units. 

E-Bike and Road Race Sales Increase Spain’s Market Value
E-bike and road race represent 33.7% of Spain’s total bicycle sales. – Photo Biobike

In 2016 the Spanish bicycle market was stable in volume at 1,1 million units while the average retail price increased by 11.1% to €533 thanks to the e-bike and the road race bike, reports AMBE, the national association of manufacturers, importers, distributors and agents.

Importance of e-bike and road race categories

The e-bike average retail price jumped by 19% to €1,740 in 2016. Road race bikes retailed on average for €1,588; up by 4.1% on 2015. As all other categories, MTB, urban and kids, retail for much lower average retail prices at higher volumes, e-bikes and road racers are of the utmost importance for the Spanish bicycle market. Both categories together generate money-wise 33.7% in Spain’s bicycle sales.

In its annual market outlook, AMBE points out the importance of the bicycle sector in the country’s national sporting goods industry as it is the biggest of all, including football. In 2016 the total turnover of Spain’s cycling sector, including components and apparel, increased by 5.28% to €1.549 million.

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