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GPS Tracker Proofs Effective Tool Against Bike Theft

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – The bicycle industry seems to have found an effective way to prevent bicycle theft. It’s by using a GPS tracker integrated in a bike lock. According to a report in the Dutch media, none of the 6,000 Sparta e-bikes equipped with the GPS tracker sold this year have been stolen so far. That accounts for a huge difference as on average 10% of the sold e-bikes are stolen in their first year.

GPS Tracker Proofs Effective Tool Against Bike Theft
Smart e-bikes with electronics warning owner as soon as somebody tries to steal the bike. – Photo Sparta

Viewing the e-bike theft rate in detail; the 10% that on average are stolen in the first year after purchase results in big numbers. In 2016 about 271,000 new e-bikes were sold in Holland. 10% of that number results in over 27,000 stolen ones! The GPS technique to prevent that has been integrated in the e-bike display and the bike lock. Once the display has been damaged in an attempt to steal the e-bike, the electronic system automatically shuts down completely.

Reduction in insurance fee

The lock with integrated mobile phone alerts the owner as soon as somebody tries to steal the bike. In case the bike gets stolen, the app will show exactly when the bike is located. The technique used for this anti-theft system is comparable with the search function of smartphones.

The anti-theft system is clearly marked on the bicycle to discourage potential thieves. Now the system seems to be successful insurance companies, like ENRA, are convinced as well. They present a 75% discount on a theft insurance for e-bikes equipped with the GSP tracker.

The success of the system also convinced the e-bike manufacturers in the Netherlands. Sparta decided to equip all its e-bikes with this anti-theft system while others like Gazelle are developing comparable systems.

Bike theft in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, some 264 bicycle thefts are reported every day. Per official statistics approximately 100,000 bicycles and e-bikes were stolen in 2016. All figures are estimates as only 25-25% of all bike thefts are reported to the police.

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