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Kids: Next E-MTB Target Group at Eurobike

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – While the e-MTB market enjoys an unrivaled expansion, the bicycle industry identified an all new category for e-MTBs: children. At the upcoming Eurobike Show the first bike manufacturers appealing to this new target group will introduce motorized bikes for children as of 11 years old.

Kids: Next E-MTB Target Group at Eurobike
For eight year olds and up Haibike Sduro Hardforlife 4.0. More kids e-MTBs will be presented at Eurobike, – Photo Haibike

Despite all the objections, the necessity for motorized bicycles for kids is an obvious one: children often cannot apply enough force to the pedals and do not enjoy long ascents. With a little support, it is possible to eliminate this deficit.

Reduced speed limit

Both KTM and Haibike will present e-bikes for kids that rely upon small motors with reduced power. The updated KTM Macina Mini ME is an 24 inch e-MTB with a steeply inclined top tube, whose support is limited to 20 km/h for safety reasons. The walk assist function has also been deactivated and when activated is initially in off mode. At the same time, the bike’s weight of 19.3 kilogram is not exactly minimal.

Fitting to personal performance

“For the first time, everyone participating in a family outing can now ride at the same speed, adjusted to fit their personal performance and endurance,” explains Laurenz Popp from KTM’s marketing department. The first edition of the KTM Macina Mini ME was presented back in 2014.

Differences in strength and range

Haibike will introduce an all new kids e-MTB, the Sduro Hardforlife 4.0. “Eight year olds and up can ride with their parents, without differences in strength and range,” says Tom Specht of Winora Group’s PR agency. “The 24-inch version will be available in four different configurations and in neon colors. The Sduro Hardforlife 4.0 comes with a 25 km/h Yamaha mid-motor and weighs 19 kilogram.

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