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NuVinci Stepless Transmission Goes Sportive

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CEDAR PARK, USA – NuVinci Cycling presents at Eurobike booth A6-305 its product portfolio extension by introducing the N380x optimized continuously variable planetary transmission (CVP). The N380x will extend the benefits of the NuVinci technology by making it available for sportive bikes.

NuVinci Stepless Transmission Goes Sportive
NuVinci’s N380x is specifically designed for meeting needs of emerging and more sportive models. Photo NuVinci

“The market has seen a significant increase in the amount of new bicycle models that are influenced by sportive design approaches but are being used in a non-performance environment. There are quite a few new types of bike models emerging, both in the e-bike and traditional bicycle market. Consumers are looking for sportive products to fit into their usual day-to-day commute and new hybrids between city and mountain bikes are meeting those needs,” says Anne Guethoff, Director of Marketing at NuVinci Cycling.

Specifically designed

“These models place different demands on their components, therefore we developed the N380x – specifically designed to meet the needs of the emerging and more sportive models and more importantly, the riders’ needs.”

With its ratio range of 380%, and a maximum continuous input torque of 100Nm in certain conditions, the transmission was developed to offer best-in-class performance for sportive and speed e-bike types, used under full load acceleration. Plus, the 10×135, 12×142, and 12×148 dropout options enable compatibility with B+ tires for better traction. The N380x comes with all common thru axle adapter types, allowing increased frame stiffness and easy maintenance.

Upgrade of the N380 transmission

To further ensure material strength and reliable lasting performance, the component selection includes a forged housing and a freewheel with individual spring pawls. To make it easier for riders to fully focus on the road conditions, the N380x is available with the Harmony automatic shifting system. Finally, several internal components in the N380x are upgraded from the N380 transmission.

Scott will be the first OEM to launch a model with N380x at Eurobike. “Scott is best known for its sportive models. With our newest project, the E-Silence Evo, we wanted to offer our customers an urban e-bike with a sportive appeal, explains ,” summarizes Thomas Berger, Product Manager at Scott.

“The new N380x fits perfectly with the high-end concept of our bike. With its high performance attributes, it allows us to shift under full motor power. With the modern design, it is the ideal combination for our sportive target group. In addition, by integrating the shifting system into the eBike controls, we are able to offer a clean handlebar and an intuitive control.”

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