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Smart Phone Operated Bike Lock Linka

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BAUNACH, Germany – Designed for the everyday cyclist, Linka is an innovative frame mounted bicycle lock which can be operated via a smart-phone.

Smart Phone Operated Bike Lock Linka
The Bluetooth operated Linka lock has a 6 to 9 months battery life. – Photo Messingschlager

With a tap on the button, the lock is activated via a secure Bluetooth connection. The Linka automatically unlocks and the alarm is deactivated when the smart-phone with the app comes back in a 1.5 metre radius and an alert is sent out when someone tampers with the bike.

Lock for bike sharing companies

Linka’s software is also optimized to be used with bike sharing companies and fleet users with a custom bike-share app and fleet management dashboard called ‘FleetView’. The Californian company Linka partnered with Messingschlager for the worldwide distribution and the innovative lock is on display at Eurobike booth A3-601.

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