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VeloUP Pedelec Systems Offer Flexibility and Simplicity

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At Eurobike booth B2-103, where the VeloUp pedelec systems are ready for testing, newcomer Tsinova is launching its VeloUP drives. They are 100% independently researched and developed by Tsinova for which the company has applied for more than 60 patents.

VeloUP Pedelec Systems Offer Flexibility and Simplicity
Tsinova’s VeloUP pedelec systems are launched at Eurobike booth B2-103. – Photos Tsinova

The VeloUP pedelec systems are designed specifically for pedelecs/e-bikes. One of the major features of the VeloUP drive systems is that they come with bilateral torque sensors. This is derived from automotive hybrid power systems. It makes the VeloUP torque sensors unique in the (electric) bike industry.

Tsinova claims that their bilateral torque sensors makes the The VeloUP system world leading in terms of sensor accuracy, system response time and durability.

Fully modular VeloUP

With application of “multi-sensor fusion” control algorithm, the VeloUP system automatically output appropriate electric power, to provide users with a comfortable ride experience.

VeloUP is fully modular. It can be widely used in bikes of different sizes. Also customers have flexible configuration options to satisfy their individual product lines.

What includes VeloUP technology?

VeloUP offers to its customers an innovative pedelec/e-bike solution with cutting-edge technology that leaves others hard to follow. Tsinova claims that its VeloUP technological superiority includes,

  1. High accuracy of torque sensors: sensor’s materials come from international top suppliers who also supply components to Boeing and McLaren sports cars. Treading force accuracy is less than 0.5%, which has reached or even exceeded the accuracy of most power meter.
  2. Flexible, simple to fit: VeloUp pedelec system is fully modular. It can be widely used in bikes of different sizes. Customers have flexible configuration options to satisfy their individual product line.
  3. High consistency of torque sensors:this is VeloUP’s most important technical advantage thanks to the development of innovative calibration algorithm. The mass-produced sensors are so consistent that there is no need for manual calibration, which saves a lot of time and costs. Furthermore, a temperature compensation algorithm has been developed, which guarantees the system performance is not affected by temperature (range of -20 ~ 80°C).
  4. Good maintainability: OBD (on board diagnosis) has been developed with VeloUP App. Users can run a VeloUP system check test with their mobile phone to see if any components is faulty. Bike manufacturers and dealers will benefit a lot from OBD. After sale service will be much quicker because the OBD error code will tell exactly what component needs to be replaced. It also cost less since less manual inspection is needed.
  5. Remote Online-Update: the VeloUP system firmware can be upgraded online using the VeloUP app. With new firmware, users often experience a fresh riding experience.
  6. High produce adaptability: Tsinova has developed a set of online automated testing equipment for bike production lines, which simplifies the testing process, and saves labour costs. Using that online automated equipment, 400 pedelecs/e-bikes using the VeloUP pedelec systems   could be produced in one assembly line.
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