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Eurostat Notes at Mobility Week: E-Bike Imports Quadrupled

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The booming e-bike market in Europe is accompanied by a huge increase in e-bike imports. The EU-28 member states imported 550,000 units in 2012 and almost 2 million (+350%) last year. These and more statistics were published by Eurostat during last week’s European Mobility Week.

Eurostat Notes at Mobility Week: E-Bike Imports Quadrupled
Biggest EU e-bike importers are Germany and the Netherlands. – Photo Sparta

The close to 2 million imported e-bikes in Europe concerns the internally and externally imports; meaning the e-bikes that EU member states import from others member states as well as the number of e-bikes imported from all countries outside the EU.

Most of the internally and externally imported e-bikes were destined to two EU member States; Germany with 560,000 units or 28% of the total EU e-bike import and the Netherlands with 520,000; market share 26%. The Eurostat data underlines what everybody already knows; Germany and Holland are by far the biggest e-bike markets. The Eurostat data shows that the two countries are import-wise followed by Belgium (250,000 units), France (175,000, the United Kingdom (130,000) and Italy (110,000).

Germany leading in e-bike export

Germany is also the largest e-bike exporter of all EU member states with a total volume of 240,000 units in 2016. This represents a total of 29% of all EU e-bike exports. The second largest exporter is Belgium with 170,000 units or 20% of the market. Belgium is followed by the Netherlands with 100,000 units or 12% market share, Romania 82,000 units (10%) and the Czech Republic (57,000 units (7%).
Nine out of ten e-bikes were exported to other EU member states. Switzerland was the main destination for exports to non-EU countries. 31,500 units or 44% of the total EU export were shipped to Switzerland, followed by Japan (15,000 – 21%), Australia and the United States (both 2,300 – 3%), China (1,200 – 2%), Canada (1,100 – 2%) and New Zealand (1,070 – 1%).

China leading exporter to EU Member States

In 2016 a total of 1.2 million e-bicycles were imported into the European Union from non-EU countries, representing 60% of the total import number of (internally and externally) imports of e-bicycles to the European Union. China was by far the main country of origin of those imports with 932,000 units, or 79% of all e-bikes imported from outside the EU in 2016. The market leader was followed by Vietnam (91,500 – 8%), Taiwan (79,000 – 7%), Hong Kong (37,000 – 3%) and Switzerland (30,000 – 2.5%).

Source: Eurostat

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