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Bicycle Electrification Turning into Overpowering Trend

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – What Taichung Bike Week, that started earlier today, and also Eurobike 2017 made abundantly clear is that the electrification of bicycles is opening new frontiers. It’s firmly established as THE main trend now starting to also dominate the P&A sector.

Bicycle Electrification Turning into Overpowering Trend
Electronics appearing in helmets, in locks; in brakes with ABS technology and of course in ‘Connected’ bikes. – Photo Linka

Electronics were everywhere at this year’s Eurobike. The same holds true for Taichung Bike Week. Electronics and all that comes with it, like software, is now appearing in helmets, in locks; in brakes with ABS technology and of course in ‘Connected’ bikes which were all over the show floor in Friendrichshafen as well as in the hotel-booths in Taichung. But all that is presented is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come in the next years.

Starting line

That the bike sector is now only at the starting line of what is to grow much bigger lies mainly is the fact that e-bike sales throughout Europe will get bigger than ever imagined before. An indication on that is what Europe’s biggest e-bike market showed in the first half of 2017. Sales in Germany grew by 12%. Total sales are estimated to pass the 700,000 units mark at the end of this year.

Market share growing to 65%

E-bike sales will not stop there. At least that’s what industry insiders are reckoning on with sales now growing in every European country. Where this will eventually lead the bike sector to was predicted by Bosch eBike Systems general manager Claus Fleischer, who said, “Two years ago I forecasted a maximum e-bike market share of approximately 33%. Looking at the current market situation and the expansion of the e-bike to nearly all categories except BMX and kids bikes, I have changed my market expectations. The popularity of E-MTBs in particular will result in a much larger market share. E-bikes will eventually take up at least 65% of the total bike market.”

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