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Bluetooth Communication and Camera Integrated Helmet

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COLOGNE, Germany – Sena, known for their Bluetooth innovation for action sports, released an all new helmet for the cycling market at Eurobike.

Bluetooth Communication and Camera Integrated Helmet
Sena helmets with Bluetooth technology.

After last year’s presentation of the X1 and X1 Pro Cycling helmets, Sena introduced a new Pro series which comes with Bluetooth communication and camera. The camera can record up to 2 hours video.

Sena is expanding their cycling helmet product line with the Sena R1 Bluetooth integrated Road Cycling Helmet, with the same features as Sena’s original X1. With these helmets you are able to talk up to three riding companions for a distance up to 900 meters. Pro users can use the Sena Camera App to instantly preview and download the footage from the built-in camera.

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