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Lazer’s Latest Speed Pedelec Dedicated Helmets

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MONT-SAINT-GUIBERT, Belgium – With Anverz NTA and Revolution NTA LAZER Sport introduced two speed pedelec helmets anticipating on a CEN Technical Specification which is now under development. From the 1th of January 2017, in the Netherlands, speed pedelec users are allowed to wear a helmet that complies with NTA 8776. This is an alternative to the mandatory wearing of a helmet complying with ECE R22. 

Lazer’s Latest Speed Pedelec Dedicated Helmets
Lazer’s speed-pedelec helmets come with a clearly recognisable orange detail. – Photo Lazer

In June 2017 the European and Dutch cycling industry achieved a sound result in the speed pedelec helmet standardization. The members of the EU Commission CEN TC 158 Headprotection have agreed to develop specific requirements for this.

Best of both worlds

The Lazer Anverz NTA has the same style, flair and protection as a moped helmet but the weight of a high end bicycle helmet. According to Lazer it brings the best of both worlds together: well ventilated, comfortable, lightweight, sturdy with a lot of coverage, the ability to accessorize, and a brilliant screen visor.

The Lazer Anverz NTA comes with several safety standards (CE-CPSC-AS-NTA) yet brings a weight of only 382 grams to the scale. It features 23 vents, offering ultimate comfort and ventilation during warmer days. In all other circumstances an easy to mount lid transforms the helmets to a closed helmet, offering additional protection to all sorts of weather circumstances.

E-MTB Version

For those who prefer a MTB style visor over a solid screen, Lazer coupled the Anverz NTA introduction with a second NTA helmet: Revolution NTA. Besides being certified for speed-pedelec use, the Lazer Revolution NTA offers the ultimate of features and protection for e-MTB riding.

Both the Anverz NTA and the Revolution NTA versions will be clearly recognizable through their ultra-visible orange details that are provided with the logo of the NTA standard. These details will not only increase the visibility of the rider during use, they will also allow law enforcement to distinguish these NTA certified helmets from non-certified helmets.


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