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New NCA Battery Technology Focuses on Powering E-MTBs 

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KARLSTEIN, Germany – Electric Mountainbikes are the big growth sector for the years to come. That’s the strong belief by many. However, this e-bike category has specific technical needs. Like a transmission system that is able to withstand the torque powers needed for getting around in rough, hilly terrain. This also calls for batteries with capacities which go far beyond the 400 to 500Wh now on offer. For that Nickel Cobalt Aluminum (NCA) battery technology has been developed.

New NCA Battery Technology Focuses on Powering E-MTBs 
NCA technology brings batteries that can be smaller and lighter with possibilities to integrate them invisible in frames. – Photo Bike Europe 

The NCA battery technology is developed by BMZ; Europe’s biggest maker of battery packs for, among many other applications, e-bikes. This Germany based company operates what it calls the “E.Volution Center.”  Here some 150 specialists in innovative lithium-ion battery technologies are working. Their latest achievement is named the NCA lithium-ion battery technology.

30% more capacity

What the new NCA technology brings and how it works is explained in a recent company announcement by Sven Bauer, CEO and Founder of the BMZ Group. He says “Currently e-bikes primarily use NMC type batteries with nickel, manganese, cobalt on the cathode and graphite on the anode. The BMZ Group has developed this technology further, which is why we use a NCA – nickel cobalt aluminum type, because it has 30% more capacity at the same battery dimensions and weight. It results in the fact that NCA batteries offer 30% more range, or they are 30% smaller and lighter.”

Major leap in battery technology

Next to the usage of NCA – nickel cobalt aluminum – at the battery cathode BMZ has also changed the other main battery part; the anode. Sven Bauer “At the same time, we replaced the graphite on the anode with silicon, which also boosts capacity.”

All this leads to batteries that have the capacities to properly propel e-MTBs under all circumstances. Next to that it also brings batteries that can be smaller and lighter and with that create the possibility to integrate them invisible in frames.

This new battery technology will be part of 2018 e-MTB models. But MY 2018 e-bikes and eMTBs will have more, as BMZ CEO Bauer says “We will make a major leap on the e-bike market with this new cell NCA technology as well as with our 3Tron cells. BMZ is developing specialized cells for this purpose, which will be available in different bikes next year.”

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