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Next Generation E-Bike Drive Systems Arrived

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DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – For industry insiders the conventional e-bikes as we know them today are only an intermediate step in the development from the mechanical bicycle to a full electric bike. The next stage in e-bike development is now ready for the market: chainless drives.

Next Generation E-Bike Drive Systems Arrived
Chainless drive offers multiple advantages for all kinds of LEVs and presents more product design freedom. – Photo Bike Europe

Presented as a start-up in the bicycle market, the Danish company Bike2 Aps showed their 100% electric drive system at Eurobike. The concept was already award-winning at the Seoul Cycle Design Competition several years ago.

The chainless drive has multiple advantages for all kinds of Light Electric Vehicles and presents more design freedom. Perhaps of even more importance is the low maintenance of the full electric bike as there is no wear of mechanical drive train parts like chains and chainwheels.

Parallels with Mando Footloose?

At first glance the Bike2 has many parallels with the well-known Korean Mando Footloose introduced in 2012. According to Bike2 Aps their next generation drive system has various innovative features to improve the riding experience like the easy start from stand-still. Two switches on the handlebar are used to set the assistance and the gear versus cadence. The assistance interface provides the user the possibility to vary the support of the motor from standard to up to three times the power put on the pedals.

Technical specifications

The assistance is set at a maximum of 25 km/h and the 10 Ah battery provides a reach of 75 km. At 60 rounds per minute (rpm) the system generates 300W and 400W at 90 rpm. The system comes standard with a T8 Bafang geared 750W motor, while others are available on request.

Bike2 Aps is a Danish company founded in 2011, created for the development, production and distribution of the Bike2 Drive system. Borean Innovation, Welfare Tech Invest and Nordea already invested in this company which is managed by the two founders Nils Sveje and Jesper Allan Hansen.

Introduction to intuitive interface of Bike2 drive system:

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